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Recommended Financial Media and Reading

Financial Magazines, TV Shows, Newspapers and Websites Can Help You Stay Financially Sharp

Want to improve your financial prowess and become more independent in your investing and financial decisions?  Try reading the following recommended websites, magazines, TV shows or publications.

Magazines.  Smart Money magazine, Money magazine and Kiplingers Personal Finance magazine are all filled with personal finance information that is useful for anyone in any financial position.  Furthermore, you can get some of them free with your airline points or find really good subscription rates (often less than a dollar a month).

TV Shows.  Want to learn about finances, the stock market and people's opinions of the economy?  CNBC is one of the best channels to learn.  During the day they focus on the stock market but after trading hours there are some useful shows like Fast Money that are worth watching occasionally.

Newspapers.  In our opinion, newspapers are a waste of the environment and the news is often outdated before you read it.  Instead of getting the Wall Street Journal or another newspaper, try subscribing to their online version.  It is often free (for local papers) or less expensive than print versions and you can get updates in real time.

Websites.  Our favorite sites for financial information are Yahoo Finance, Google Finance and CNBC.  There are tons of great sites and blogs out there to help you make decisions.