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Fill Out Paid Online Surveys for Money

Get Paid Money for Taking Free Surveys Online

We're sure you've heard of, seen ads for, or gotten emails about filling out online surveys for money.  Well, here's a list of paid online survey websites that will pay you for your opinion and your time. Don't expect much from these sites.  If you sign up for enough and happen to meet the demographics for the surveys you might be able to make a few dollars a week, but that's about it.  Don't ever pay to join any of these sites because you'll never make your money back.

For a while, we were addicted to signing up for and trying out these survey sites.  To that end, we've visited and registered at hundreds of survey sites and written some brief reviews below for you.  We've excluded most of the sites that promise big bucks but don't deliver.

Free Paid Surveys:


NFO - We have tested this site and it is our most recommended paid survey site.  Don't expect to make a lot of money, but you can make a few dollars a month and get paid about a dollar for every 15-20 minutes of your time. This site is one of the most legitimate because it only offers paid surveys.  Many "survey" sites offer disguised surveys that are really ads that they get paid for when you click on them.  This site makes money because it charges businesses for the survey results.  In fact, the surveys are designed for and by businesses, and they are willing to pay you for your opinions.

MyView Survey Panel - This site uses the Authentic Response system to gather community market research.  By telling them what you think about such things as movie trailers, products, services and other topics and trends you get rewarded with points that are redeemable for prepaid visa cards, charity donations, or even gift cards.

SurveySpot - This site is completely free and offers a selection of surveys from various paying survey sites.  The quality of the surveys vary depending on your demographic, such as age, country that you live in, and other factors.  If your IP address is from outside the US, some of these survey links will redirect to globally friendly survey companies.

NPD Online Research - This is another reputable online survey site that pays in the form of sweepstakes entries and sometimes cash.  Sign up is easy and you will be notified when a survey that meets your profile is available.  The surveys are short and easy, and you get a chance to win each time you complete one.  Since there are over 500 winners a month, your odds are better than most and every now and then you can earn cash for your survey.

Opinion Outpost - We recommend signing up for this paid survey site.  There are no advertisements and they keep your confidentiality.  You start by creating an account and profile, then after confirming your account you fill out five other profiles (short surveys).  These profiles are used to match future surveys against your profile.  When they match, you will get an email with an invitation to fill out the survey.  All surveys are paid for by businesses and therefore cost you nothing. We recommend this site.

Vindale Research - This company wants you to review products for its customers.  By reviewing products, you can earn some money (they say up to $75) and also get to keep the product that you review (as they will send you many of the products).  Like other survey companies, the number and quality of the products you'll get to review will vary greatly depending your demographics (age, sex, race and location).

Ispos - We found that this website is easy to sign up for and offers chances to win a sweepstakes for each survey filled out.  Also, there are sometimes surveys that will pay you cash for your participation.

MyPoints This site has surveys that pay but you can also build points by reading emails, shopping and referring your friends.  We've been a member of this site for over 8 years and have earned gift cards worth at least $1,000. 

E-Poll - Another recommended free paid survey site.  After signing up we were requested to fill out a 15 minute profile.  After that, they use your profile to match future surveys to you.  Surveys take 5-10 minutes on average, and are worth 500 - 1000 points each, which translate to about $0.75 to $1.50 each.  Reward points can  be redeemed  for gift cards to major retailers like Target, iTunes, Starbucks, etc. 

Inbox Dollars - For its survey content, all surveys are links to other survey sites, like the sites reviewed on this page.  However, it also pays you to read emails, where each email is really just an advertisement that you need to click on.  The other ways to earn money on this site are by signing up for "free trials" that require credit cards and charge you if you don't cancel right away, and by registering at other sites (e.g. loan, insurance, and auto quotes) that require your email and phone number. This is not the best site but they send you emails almost every day to earn money.

Survey Savvy - This is one of the most popular free survey sites out there.  They have a patented referral system that allows you to earn money from surveys, but more importantly, you get to earn money from the friends and family that you refer too.  The site has original survey content and is easy to register for.  They won't send you spam emails, but you'll want to add additional profiles so you can get more surveys to earn money.  Also, after you sign up and start getting invitations, be quick to respond or the offers close.  Of all the sites, we've received more highly paid offers from this site than any other.  However, we've also missed more of them because they close fairly quickly.

American Consumer Opinion - ACOP is also a well respected consumer opinion survey company. Complete surveys for points that can be redeemed for cash and for sweepstakes entries.  Their sign up form is free, easy to fill out, and they won't send you spam or sell your private information.  Once you sign up, you'll also have the option to join the Technology Advisory Board, which pays between $5 and $200 per survey.  Once you sign up, you'll need confirm your email and then wait for surveys to become available. When a survey matches your profile, you'll receive an email with a link to the survey.

Global Test Market - Another very legitimate paid survey site that is available worldwide.  Sign up is easy and you can fill out several profiles to increase the number of surveys you qualify for.  Surveys pay you in MarketPoints, which are redeemable for cash.  When we signed up, there were 5 surveys ready for us to take, which is better than average.

Spider Metrix - This site is a very unique way to get paid for your opinion.  They pay in cash and you make dollars, not cents for your participation.  Instead of filling out surveys, you are asked to review websites and give them ratings.  In return, you get points for your ratings, which are convertible into cash.  Furthermore, you can refer your friends and earn cash from their ratings too!  If you sign up, please enter "freefa" as your referrer, and you will be our referral.

Global Survey Group - This website is not very straightforward.  To sign up, you must go through several pages of ads.  The site makes money by referring you to other "survey" sites, getting you to accept ads, and by selling your email address to anyone that you check "yes" to on their form.

ECN Research - This is the least recommended site of all the free sites we've reviewed.  To register, you need to go through pages and pages of ads, and in the end, there is no account to login to, and no surveys to take.  The only surveys they offer are from the other sites listed on this page, as well as from other pseudo survey sites that are really just spam sites.  We'd avoid this site unless you have already exhausted all of the other survey sites.

Pay For Online Survey Sites  - This site promises to reward you with over 700 sites that make you money through online surveys, telephone surveys, focus groups, offline surveys, product trials and more.  They also claim that you can make over $20,000 per year. We do not know whether or not this site is worth the money it costs to join, but I guarantee you won't make more than a couple hundred dollars per year.

Survey Scout  - This site also promises big returns - as much as $10,000 per month.   They offer proprietary information on how to find offline and online surveys, preview movie trailers, participate in paid focus groups and try new products (paid product trials).  Again, we don't know how much this site can really offer, but you'ld be lucky to make a few dollars a month and it will probably ask you to join many of the free sites listed above to do that.


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