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Some Ways to Make a Little Extra Money

Making Money Takes Creativity and Dedication.  Here Are Some Ideas That May Work For You.

Following is our list of ways to make money.  Some of them are straightforward and some may take some patience and research.

  • Get an extra job.  It could be part time at night or a few hours every other weekend.  It could also be a work from home job (see below).  Not only will the extra money add up, but you will not be able to spend money while you are working so you'll actually save more.
  • Ask for a raise.  Before you ask, try to document why you deserve the raise in terms that your employer can understand.  For example, bring up your productivity, profitability or other qualities that make you valuable to the company.
  • Start your own business.  Whether you are selling stuff at local flea markets, have your own storefront, or do most of your business online, it pays to use other's resources to help your business.  You can easily create your own store at many places on the web like ebay or Amazon.
  • Look for a higher paying job. Also, if you haven't signed up for linkedin yet you should do so before you start looking for a new job.
  • Sell your unused stuff.  You'd be surprised how much money you can make selling things you'll probably never use again.
  • Filling out short online surveys can bring in a small amount of money each month.  Visit our list of paid online survey reviews for more ideas.
  • Join MyPoints and earn rewards by visiting websites.
  • Do freelance work.  There are hundreds of sites out there where you can sell your services for decent money, like  Go see what others are doing and promote yourself like them.  Or better yet, come up with a creative idea of your own.  Then, after selling someone basic fees try to upsell them to more advanced and higher paying services.

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