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Household Budgeting

Free Household Budget Worksheets and Family Budget Templates

Creating a useful household budget is perhaps the most important financial concept required to succeed.  While most people understand the basics of how a budget works, very few actually have the discipline to build, analyze and improve a detailed analysis of their monthly budget. Get an advantage for yourself by doing just that.

We've put together answers for the most commonly asked questions about how to create your own personal budget.  We've also created our own online budget template as well as a free excel budget template that is available for download.

Our Free Household Budget Worksheet

Our free excel budget template has all the basic income and expense categories, as well as some pre-computed budget ratios to help you analyze your finances.  It is easily modified to meet your specific scenario.

Our Free Online Budget Template

A great way to get started. You can fill in our online budget template and get a simple result almost immediately that will tell you if you should be saving money each month or if you need to make some changes.

Fix Your Family Budget

Has your family budget gotten out of control?  Over time this happens to many familys. Here are some steps to getting your spending and expenses back in line with where they should be.

List of Items to Include In Your Budget Expenses

Many people forget about many of their monthly or annual expenses when creating their household budget.  We've compiled a list of budget items that you can use to create your budget.

Some Tips on How to Manage Your Money and Marriage

Because of different spending habits and different financial skills, many couples have difficulty managing their finances together. Here are some recommendations on how to structure your finances during marriage.

Monthly Budget Worksheet

Once you've finished putting together your personal budget, it's time to create a monthly budget worksheet that allows you to compare month to month budgets to make sure you are moving in the right direction with your budgeting.

Create a Simple Bucket Budget

One of the most simple budgets to make is referred to as a bucket budget.  For those that refuse to spend much time budgeting, this is the easiest and fastest way to make sure you stick to your budget.  Simply create three accounts and then allocate your expenses to savings, fixed payments, and discretionary spending.

Get Free Financial Software

Are you sick of paying Quicken $40 every two years to keep your financial software up to date? Or maybe you don't need all of the capabilities of a full fledged financial software and money management package? If you are willing to try new software, you can get your financial software for free. Here are some programs worth considering.

Ways to Manage Finances When Self Employed

Managing your finances when self employed is more important than ever because of the ups and downs that running your own business have on your finances.

Is Your Small Business Missing a Trick?

Learn how online advertising can help your small business.